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CommsUpdate’s search features the following fields that may be filtered on:

  1. The article title: title
  2. The article text: data
  3. The article release date: date
  4. The article country list: country
  5. The technology tag: tag
  6. The article company list: company

Here are some examples that you can execute by copying and pasting the text into the search input field above.


Filtering on these search index fields is simple with Boolean operators.

Search for Russia articles:


Search for Russia and Mobile articles:

country:(+russia) AND tag:(+mobile)

Search for Russia or Mobile articles without any articles with the country tag value of Georgia or Turkey:

country:(+russia -georgia -turkey) OR tag:(+mobile)

Search for Argentina and the company “Claro” and the tag LTE:

country:(argentina) AND company:("claro") AND tag:(+lte)

Date Ranges

All United Kingdom articles from Dec 2009:

country:(+"united kingdom") AND date:{20091201 20091231}

Turkey articles that are older than the end of 2009:

country:(+turkey) AND date:<20091231]

Tele2 Sweden articles that are more recent than the end of 2009:

company:(+"tele2 sweden") AND date:[20091231>

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