16 Mar 2022


Vodafone UK and Ericsson complete 5G SA network slicing trial

Vodafone UK and Swedish vendor Ericsson have successfully completed what is claimed to be the UK’s first 5G Standalone (SA) network slicing trial. In a joint lab demonstration, the companies’... more

1&1 plans to launch 5G network by year-end

German telecoms company 1&1 is set to become the country’s fourth mobile network operator (MNO) when it launches commercial services by the end of this year, according to an interview... more

Vodafone aiming for nationwide 5G SA coverage by 2025

Vodafone Germany has announced plans to expand the coverage of its 5G Standalone (5G SA) network to ‘almost everyone’ in the country by 2025. The firm launched its 5G SA... more

Bite activates VoLTE

Bite Lithuania has announced the commercial launch of VoLTE technology, providing customers with improved voice quality and faster call connectivity. The new service is activated free of charge and is... more

DITO claims seven million ‘active’ mobile subscriptions

The Philippines’ third telco DITO Telecommunity announced yesterday (15 March) that, a year after the launch of its commercial operations, it has reached the milestone of seven million ‘active’ mobile... more

Telecom Argentina concludes spectrum return process started in 2017

Telecom Argentina has reportedly concluded the long-running process to return surplus spectrum accumulated via its 1 January 2018 merger with Cablevision. According to the government’ ‘Boletin Oficial’ the move was... more

SmarTone uses new Ericsson solution to boost data speeds

Hong Kong cellco SmarTone is implementing a speed boost for mobile internet users using a new solution from Ericsson. Ericsson Dynamic End-user Boost is installed as an app on a... more

Fixed Broadband

RUNE gets EUR130m funding

The RUNE project, which aims to deploy broadband infrastructure in rural parts of Slovenia and Croatia, has secured an additional EUR130 million (USD143 million) funding from a group of four... more

ANCOM sets tariffs for pole access

Following a consultation, Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has adopted indicative tariffs charged to telecoms network operators for access to the overhead infrastructure owned, managed... more


Former owner in bid for Freedom?

Reuters, quoting an unnamed source cited by The Globe & Mail, reports that Canadian investment firm Globalive Capital has offered to buy Shaw Communications’ Freedom Mobile division for CAD3.75 billion... more

Entel looking to offload fibre infrastructure, data centres

Chilean telecoms group Entel is looking for buyers for its fibre-optic network infrastructure, having previously announced plans to sell off its data centre business, Diario Financiero reports. The company has... more


Ofcom launches consultation on space spectrum strategy

The UK’s telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation related to its proposed strategy for managing radio spectrum used by the space sector, as it noted that this area –... more