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...subscribed to M2M. Elsewhere, Orange reported subscription growth in the likes of Poland (where it claimed a user base of 17.306 million, up 9.5% y-o-y) and Spain (16.483 million, 3.6%). Africa... more
...2.8% y-o-y to reach 19.867 million, up from 19.335 million in March 2021; the telco’s 3G/4G user base passed 10.287 million, while broadband subscriptions decreased by 1.6% y-o-y to 1.723 million... more
...feels like their Apple customers are an afterthought, which is frustrating if you’re an Apple user. We feel that we can do better – of course, we are not just going to jump... more
...SkyLab director Remy de Jong noted: ‘This LoRaWAN deployment is unique because it serves multiple-user LoRaWAN networks. It supplies IoT coverage to a challenging and sometimes harsh North Sea... more
...stated: ‘I am very happy to be working with Nokia to allow us to provide our customers with an upgraded user experience. At the end of this exercise we will boast the most advanced FTTH network... more
...efficiencies due to operational synergies, as well as to the customers, due to the improvement of the user experience and quality of the service provided and, finally, to the sector as a whole due... more
Tajik cellco ZET-Mobile has announced the expansion of supported user devices on its fledgling 5G network to include Apple iPhone models. Subscribers with compatible devices in 5G coverage areas can... more
...the-home (FTTH) connections across the Philippines last year as fibre capacity improved by 38.6% and end-user subscriptions climbed by 36.5%. In a statement on 11 April, the telco said its aggressive... more
...benefits of this Ericsson dual-band, three-sector radio, we look forward to offering increased capacity on our network, lower power consumption and a superior user experience in Madagascar... more
...penetration, low battery consumption, reliability of service, high security and economy, while noting that ‘user devices can only be in fixed locations.’ BH Telecom’s website lists prices... more