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Tajik cellco ZET-Mobile has announced the expansion of supported user devices on its fledgling 5G network to include Apple iPhone models. Subscribers with compatible devices in 5G coverage areas can... more
...the-home (FTTH) connections across the Philippines last year as fibre capacity improved by 38.6% and end-user subscriptions climbed by 36.5%. In a statement on 11 April, the telco said its aggressive... more
...benefits of this Ericsson dual-band, three-sector radio, we look forward to offering increased capacity on our network, lower power consumption and a superior user experience in Madagascar... more
...penetration, low battery consumption, reliability of service, high security and economy, while noting that ‘user devices can only be in fixed locations.’ BH Telecom’s website lists prices... more relay links. Following its decision of 30 March 2021 to grant each of the three MNOs provisional user rights to 1GHz of spectrum in the band, the regulator has now extended the allocation... more
...customers,’ said Stelios Savvides, Technology Director at Vodafone Oman, adding: ‘Enhancing the in-building user experience is a key priority for Vodafone Oman and the Ericsson 5G Radio Dot... more
...Taiwanese operator’s ongoing 5G coverage enhancement and network optimisation, while ensuring the best user experience for both outdoor and indoor enterprise use scenarios. The deal also includes... more
...62 districts of Uganda. We are also rolling out last mile fibre cable to extend connectivity to the grass root user all the way to the Parish. In a few weeks from now we shall have completed 764km... more
...implementing a speed boost for mobile internet users using a new solution from Ericsson. Ericsson Dynamic End-user Boost is installed as an app on a smartphone and enables customers to improve... more fee of EUR51,644 (USD56,516) per MHz per month for the 900MHz band (including user rights for the 1800MHz frequencies) and EUR20,833 per MHz per month for the 2100MHz band, payable before 31... more