Ogero strike ends after govt responds to workers’ demands

22 Sep 2022

Employees of Lebanese state-owned fixed telco Ogero have ended their strike, following the signing by President Michel Aoun of two decrees responding to their demands, chiefly for better wages and improved working conditions, Lorientlejour.com reported. The Ogero workers’ union also called on employees to ‘deploy the maximum of efforts to remedy the malfunctions and complaints that have accumulated during the interruption of work’ which had begun on 30 August. Various regions had suffered network outages during the strike which ran from 30 August to 17 September, including knock-on effects on mobile network access.

Decree No. 10109 provides for a LBP96 billion (USD64 million) advance from the Treasury to pay employees a monthly amount of ‘social assistance’, additional transport allowances and payments ‘rewarding attendance’ until the end of the year. Decree No. 10110 enables an advance of LBP128 billion to be used for salary increases, as well as an advance for ‘high cost of living’ without specifying the amount. The text had already been signed by the interim telecoms minister Johnny Corm following negotiations with the union.

Lebanon, Ogero Telecom