Datagroup-Volia completes first stage of backbone modernisation

22 Sep 2022

Ukraine’s Datagroup-Volia group has announced the completion of the first stage of its backbone network modernisation programme in partnership with Cisco, which it began in late 2021, having invested around UAH500 million (USD13.4 million) so far in the project. In the first phase, network bandwidth was increased tenfold while eleven additional backup links with a total capacity of over 900Gbps were built and 200 pieces of high-tech equipment were installed, more than doubling the fault tolerance of the support network. The combined Datagroup-Volia network covers settlements in 22 regions of Ukraine with about 34,000km of its own fibre-optic lines.

Andrii Val, technical director of Datagroup-Volia, commented that the project ‘provided new opportunities in building fail-safe and high speed communication channels for our corporate and wholesale clients and partners, and for home subscribers, the internet access speed has already increased with minimal delay during peak hours.’ CEO Mykhailo Shelemba added: ‘Since February 24 [the Russian invasion of Ukraine] our technical specialists have eliminated more than 40,000 accidents and damage to the network, most of which are directly related to combat operations. Despite constant work on the restoration of damaged lines, we are proud of the fact that we were able to implement the first stage of such an ambitious modernisation project.’

Ukraine, Cisco Systems, Datagroup, Volia (owned by Datagroup)