Starlink delivered more than 13,000 satellite terminals to Ukraine

23 Aug 2022

According to Andriy Nabok, head of fixed internet development at Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, the country has received more than 13,000 Starlink satellite broadband user terminal devices since the outbreak of full-scale war in February, including 5,000 via funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), another 5,000 with help from EU countries and the remainder with assistance from Starlink operator SpaceX itself plus other private companies. As reported by, Nabok said: ‘Starlink in Ukraine has already become an integral part that ensures the operation of critical infrastructure. Terminals help energy companies, fire departments, hospitals, village councils to keep in touch free of charge.’

When existing local internet infrastructure has been damaged, representatives of critical facilities submit applications for the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite terminals through subordinate government agencies to the State Special Communications Service. The official noted that other, individual prospective Starlink users should apply for a standard paid-for service via SpaceX’s website.