MTC kicks off internet projects in Tacna and Moquegua

19 Aug 2022

Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones, MTC) has launched broadband network expansion programmes in Tacna and Moquegua that will benefit around 40,000 residents of both regions. The Tacna project represents investment of USD25 million and will comprise the deployment of 630km of fibre and the construction of 74 nodes serving 103 public institutions in the region, including schools, police stations and health centres. In addition, Wi-Fi zones will be established at 52 rural locations, providing free internet access for residents and visitors. Similarly, the Moquegua project will see the deployment of connectivity to 107 public institutions and Wi-Fi zones in 66 rural locations. The programme will cost USD28 million and will feature the rollout of 586km of fibre as well as the construction of 77 nodes.