Haiti backs SpaceX internet and IoT trials, following Starlink Dominican Republic launch

10 Aug 2022

Haiti’s National Council of Telecommunications (Conseil National des Telecommunications, Conatel) has approved a pilot satellite internet scheme to be run by SpaceX. The project will include satellite broadband and IoT services from SpaceX units Starlink and Swarm. Tests will be conducted at 20 Civil Protection Directorate (DPC) sites over a four-month period, while a longer two-year trial will be run at five other locations.

Last month Haiti’s neighbour Dominican Republic became the first Caribbean country to have commercial satellite broadband services from Starlink. SpaceX’s Twitter account confirmed on 28 July that ‘Starlink is now available in the Dominican Republic’, having publicised in May that Starlink was available in 32 countries around the world.

Dominican Republic, Haiti, National Council of Telecommunications (Conatel), SpaceX (Starlink)