Flow Jamaica 2G shutdown underway

5 Aug 2022

Liberty Latin America (LLA) has confirmed that its Flow Jamaica subsidiary has commenced the deactivation of its 2G mobile network. In its 2Q22 report the group explained: ‘During the second quarter of 2022, we began to shut down our 2G network in Jamaica and have reflected the associated decline in mobile subscribers as a non-organic adjustment. We expect further non-organic adjustments related to the final stages of the shutdown, which will impact as many as approximately 30,000 subscribers in the second half of 2022.’

Flow enjoyed a monopoly on the Jamaican mobile market from March 1990 until its first two competitors launched in 2001. Initially operating a TDMA network, in July 2003 it launched commercial GSM and GPRS services using the 1900MHz band, having contracted the now-defunct Nortel Networks to deploy its 2G networks the previous year.

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