GCRA and JCRA publish annual report, say local telecoms sectors were ‘steady’ in 2021

29 Jul 2022

A study of the Channel Islands’ telecoms markets has been jointly published by the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) and the Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority (JCRA).

According to the regulators’ report, overall revenues across Guernsey and Jersey were up slightly, with total turnover standing at GBP177.4 million (USD216 million) in 2021, up from GBP166.6 million in 2020. Of the most recent total, revenues of GBP107.8 million were attributable to the Jersey telecoms sector, up from GBP104.1 million, with GBP69.6 million generated in Guernsey (2020: GBP62.6 million).

Of note, the report highlighted that the ‘effects of the pandemic, which changed the way we used our telecoms services in 2020, have subsided and the trends prior to the pandemic are more prevalent’. To that end, the GCRA and the JCRA reported that both islands saw a decrease in fixed call network minutes, continuing the pre-pandemic trend of a continuing year-on-year decline. Further, the report said there was a continued strong increase in data usage per subscriber in 2021, while the total number of mobile call minutes was said to have remained constant.

A joint statement issued by the GCRA and JCRA said: ‘Our telecoms sectors are well regulated, enjoy a healthy level of competition and are invested in technological innovation and infrastructure that has supported consumers and businesses through a difficult year as a result of the pandemic challenges.’