FNA finalises new regulatory framework for fixed network access

25 Jul 2022

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (FNA) has finalised the regulatory framework for access to Telekom Deutschland’s last mile fixed network, following the completion of a coordination procedure with the EC. The framework relates to the new conditions for access to Telekom’s copper and newly created fibre-optic infrastructure at the wholesale level. Telekom is to make available and accessible any unused capacity in its ducts to other network operators that do not have dominance in the market. According to current assessments, the new framework conditions will apply for at least the next three years until they are replaced by new decisions by the FNA. The regulator says it is already preparing new data collection, on the basis of which the market conditions will be reviewed and the regulatory framework adjusted if necessary.

‘With today’s decision, we are creating framework conditions for fair competition and further fibre-optic expansion,’ said Klaus Muller, President of the FNA, adding: ‘I am pleased that our commitment to fibre-optic expansion with stable and transparent framework conditions passed the test before the European Commission.’