AT&T’s 2Q22 revenues drop 17.1% to USD29.6bn after pay-TV separation

22 Jul 2022

US telecoms giant AT&T Inc has reported consolidated operating revenues of USD29.643 billion for the three months ended 30 June 2022, down 17.1% from USD35.740 billion on an annualised basis, while operating income decreased from USD7.572 billion in 2Q21 to USD4.956 billion in the period under review. AT&T credits the declines to the ‘separation’ of its pay-TV business, which closed in the third quarter of 2021. Finally, net income attributable to AT&T increased from USD1.570 billion to USD4.157 billion in 2Q22.

In operational terms, AT&T reported a total of 203.373 million mobile subscriptions in its domestic market as of 30 June 2022, broken down as 82.694 million post-paid subscriptions, 19.095 million pre-paid subscriptions, 5.480 million reseller accounts and 96.104 million connected devices. In terms of fixed broadband meanwhile, AT&T claimed 13.825 million subscriptions in 2Q22, of which 6.597 million were connected via fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology. Elsewhere, AT&T’s ‘International’ segment reported 20.700 million mobile subscriptions in Mexico as of end-June 2022.

John Stankey, AT&T CEO, commented: ‘We’ve already added nearly two million AT&T Fiber locations this year and just reached our target of covering 70 million people with mid-band 5G spectrum two quarters early, with expectations to now approach the 100 million-mark by the end of year.’

United States, AT&T