Swisscom completes 50G PON trial on live network

12 Jul 2022

State-owned full-service provider Swisscom has completed what it claims is the world’s first trial of 50G PON technology on a live network. According to Swisscom, the company was the first to conduct laboratory tests of 50G PON technology in 2020 and it has now put the upgrade into operation for test purpose in the live network of a Swiss municipality. The operator plans to introduce the technology on a commercial basis by 2025 at the latest. Regarding the potential applications of the technology, Swisscom notes that the improved bandwidth would not be the primary benefit as existing fibre technologies have sufficient capacity to meet demands ‘for many years to come’. Instead, Swisscom claims that: ‘50G-PON will lead to a new kind of flexibility in high-speed connectivity, chiefly for business customers, paving the way for additional security service features or connection service attributes. For example, the technology significantly reduces latency compared to today’s standards, and guaranteed transmission speeds can be defined by network slicing.’

Switzerland, Swisscom