ACMA confirms final Spectrum Pricing Review reforms will come into effect next month

11 Jul 2022

A final tranche of Spectrum Pricing Review reforms set out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are set to come into effect from 21 August, the regulator has announced. In a press release regarding the matter, the ACMA said the reforms will ‘ensure spectrum pricing better reflects the current technological environment and demand for spectrum’, while it claimed the changes are ‘designed to encourage more efficient spectrum use and better promote the long-term public benefits derived from spectrum use’.

According to the ACMA the changes to be implemented next month include: updating the assigned apparatus licence tax formula; reducing tax rates for transmitter licences used to provide high-power open narrowcasting (HPON) services; and adjusting some tranche one reforms following industry feedback.

These reforms follow earlier work which saw the ACMA in July 2021 implement a first set of reforms which included: reduced tax rates for services above 5GHz, excluding area-wide licences and other licence types not covered by the apparatus licence tax formula; a ‘systems price’ for co-located earth stations authorised under the same licence; and an additional price discount for ‘micro’ land-mobile services.