2degrees extended 5G coverage to 13 areas in June

11 Jul 2022

Following its launch of 5G mobile services in central Auckland and Wellington and some areas of Christchurch in late February, 2degrees has announced coverage was extended to 13 new areas last month. The continued network rollout has been backed by the introduction of unlimited 5G fixed wireless access broadband and support for some 5G capable iPhones.

The company’s 4G optimisation also continues at pace, with upgrades focused on the areas dubbed the ‘golden triangle’ – the road network that connects Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland. In June, 24 new sites went live as part of the Rural Connectivity Group project.

Commenting on the deployments, 2degrees Chief Technology Officer Martin Sharrock said: ‘We are incredibly proud of our network and committed to continuous improvements. We have designed the 5G rollout as “contiguous”, which in a nutshell means that customers will experience 5G in connected areas around the city, rather than in spots. The customer benefits by staying in 5G coverage for longer, and not going in and out of 5G coverage. Also, with the 5G upgrades, it doubles the 4G capacity available in these areas.’

New Zealand, Two Degrees Mobile (2degrees)