Three Ireland attempting to delay ComReg’s 25 July spectrum auction

8 Jul 2022

Three Ireland is asking the High Court to put a stay on the multi-band spectrum auction that is scheduled to commence on 25 July. Three is awaiting a judgment on its main challenge to ComReg’s December 2020 decision to auction the rights across four spectrum bands, namely: 700MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz and 2.6GHz bands.

The auction will utilise a ‘combinatorial clock’ format, whereby participants bid on generic lots of spectrum, rather than individual lots. Three, which is owned by Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison Holdings believes that the proposed format will put it at a competitive disadvantage, but ComReg has denied the claims, arguing that it is in the public interest for the auction to proceed as planned.

If it goes ahead, the auction is expected to run until October 2022. All concessions will be valid for 20 years.