Vodafone Ireland unveils plans to phase out 3G

30 Jun 2022

Mobile network operator (MNO) Vodafone Ireland has reportedly set out plans to begin a phased upgrade programme later this year which will see it gradually phase out 3G connectivity in favour of more modern technologies. According to local press outlet RTE, with work expected to get underway in late 2022, the MNO aims to upgrade its existing 3G network to a more sustainable 4G and 5G service as part of a nationwide network modernisation programme. Of note, the cellco has claimed that only around 6% of the data used on its network is currently carried on 3G. Explaining the reasoning behind its upgrade plans, Vodafone Ireland CEO Anne O’Leary was cited by The Irish Times as saying: ‘Our ambition is to provide the best and most reliable level of network coverage around the country for our customers. Upgrading our 3G network and our sites to 4G and 5G will futureproof our network for our customers all across Ireland. 3G provided an initial foundation to build out connectivity, the technology has now sufficiently developed to give our customers a faster and more sustainable mobile experience that lessens the impact on the environment.’

Meanwhile, a campaign to communicate the 3G switch-off plans will reportedly get underway from today, with O’Leary noting: ‘We are communicating the beginning of this phased programme as early as possible so customers can stay connected while this transition takes place.’

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