Ukrtelecom switches all Dnipro fixed network customers to fibre/NGN

30 Jun 2022

Ukrainian nationwide fixed network operator Ukrtelecom has announced the completion of an infrastructure modernisation project in the city of Dnipro involving replacing copper cables with fibre-optics. The city has become the first regional centre in Ukraine where all Ukrtelecom’s network services are provided exclusively via fibre and NGN technologies supporting multi-service broadband/TV facilities. Dnipro-based customers who were previously connected to the internet by copper/ADSL have switched to the optical (FTTx) architecture and now have access to 1Gbps services, Ukrtelecom declared in a press release.

Fixed telephony users are being offered an alternative ‘fixed-mobile convergence (FMC)’ telephony service: subscribers receive a GSM SIM card with their fixed telephone number and terminal equipment (FMC telephone), whilst a portion of customers are using fixed IP telephony, the telco reports.

Ukraine, Ukrtelecom (incl. TriMob)