Kyivstar connected further 3,500 settlements to 4G since February

30 Jun 2022

Ukraine’s Kyivstar reports that, despite the ongoing war in the country, since February 2022 it has increased the coverage area of its 4G network in 19 regions by connecting an additional 3,500 settlements to high speed LTE mobile data services. The work involved modernising 3,000 base stations and deploying LTE-900 technology at these sites, mainly in small towns and villages with a population of up to 2,000 people. In addition, 140 new base stations were built in the year-to-date, whilst work is ongoing to deploy the 2300MHz spectrum band to raise 4G capacity in high-demand areas, especially due to migration forced by the war.

Kyivstar says that since the beginning of the war, almost five million of the company’s subscribers have moved from large cities to small settlements within their region, and another four million have moved from other regions to the western regions of Ukraine. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion started, Kyivstar’s technicians have eliminated thousands of emergencies caused by damage to the infrastructure, replaced almost 30,000 metres of destroyed fibre-optic lines, and carried out 3,500 repairs on cellular towers. More than 90% of the company’s telecom infrastructure currently operates ‘on a full-time basis’.

Ukraine, Kyivstar