Vodafone Turkey completes network virtualisation project

29 Jun 2022

Vodafone Turkey has announced the completion of the virtualisation process of its 2G/3G/4G mobile voice, data and signalling infrastructures, declaring that the move to cloud-based systems was based on customers’ uninterrupted communication, large capacity and service-based needs. Vodafone added that its new infrastructure ‘will contribute significantly to meeting the increasing digitalisation needs in every field’ enabling innovative services to be made available to customers in a much shorter time over the virtual network, whilst ‘more efficient and flexible capacity usage will be ensured, and uninterrupted and high quality voice and data communication will be provided even [given] extraordinary traffic increases.’ Vodafone also highlighted that cloud infrastructure will support ‘fast and effective provision of 5G technology and services, which will be a part of our lives in the near future.’

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