Copaco outlines FTTH achievements

23 Jun 2022

Paraguayan state operator Copaco has confirmed that its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network is now available in 300 neighbourhoods across 33 localities. BNAmericas quotes company president Sante Vallese as saying that the telco now has over 40,000 fibre subscriptions, equivalent to investment of around USD500 per home. The executive added that the PYG90 billion (USD12.9 million) debt inherited from the previous administration has almost been paid off, but investment is now needed to grow. He said: ‘We are depending on customers but are also seeking loans from some banking entities … to grow again.’

During 2021 Copaco deployed 3,700km of fibre, up 54% compared to its 2020 rollout activity, with most of the deployments taking place in the country’s interior. Since 2018 Copaco says it has deployed over 8,500km of fibre across the country.

Paraguay, Copaco