Starlink gains toehold in Indonesia via Telkomsat tie-up

21 Jun 2022

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI, or KemKominfo) has reportedly issued ‘Starlink Satellite Landing Rights’ to Telkom Satellite Indonesia (Telkomsat), a subsidiary of the country’s largest telco Telkom Indonesia (Telkom), which focuses on the provision of international upstream/downstream satellite services. IndoTelko writes that the anchoring rights will enable Telkomsat to provide backhaul services on an intermediary network to connect Telkom’s telecommunications backbone infrastructure with base transceiver stations (BTS), Wi-Fi towers and access distribution devices via fibre networks. As per MCI Regulation No. 21 (2014), the Satellite Landing Right is ‘the right to use foreign satellites granted by the Minister to Telecommunication Operators or Broadcasting Institutions’. Telkomsat notes, however, that the Starlink service will only be available in the operation of a closed fixed network, not for retail services for direct internet access customers.