FNA publishes telecoms minimum supply ordinance

20 Jun 2022

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (FNA) has announced that it has published the Telecommunications Minimum Supply Ordinance (TKMV) in the Federal Law Gazette. The ordinance, which came into force on 1 June 2022, defines the minimum requirements for the right to be provided with telecoms services. According to the Telecommunications Act, every citizen has a legal right to be provided with voice communication services and a fast internet access service for appropriate social and economic participation. The download speed must be at least 10Mbps and the upload rate must be a minimum of 1.7Mbps, while the latency should not be higher than 150 milliseconds. The FNA will review these values annually.

The minimum supply of telecoms services must be offered at an affordable price, to be determined and monitored by the regulator, although the right to be supplied with telecoms services does not specify the technology with which the minimum offer is to be provided. To date, the basic service has been provided by Telekom Deutschland, but the new minimum offer can now be provided voluntarily by any telecoms provider, and the FNA also has the right to oblige an operator to provide a telecoms connection and to offer services if there are no voluntary offers.

Germany, Federal Network Agency (FNA)