T-Mobile US achieves 3Gbps speeds in SA 5G carrier aggregation trial

15 Jun 2022

T-Mobile US has achieved downlink transmission speeds of 3Gbps by aggregating three channels of mid-band 5G spectrum on its Standalone (SA) 5G network. The cellco says it was assisted by Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm Technologies, noting that the test was the first ever to be done with a commercial device (Samsung Galaxy S22) on a live production network. The trial combined two channels of 2.5GHz 5G spectrum with one channel of 1900MHz spectrum, effectively creating a 210MHz 5G channel.

T-Mobile notes that parts of its live network already use two 2.5GHz 5G channels, and says that customers with a Samsung Galaxy S22 will be among the first to experience a third 1900MHz 5G channel later this year.

T-Mobile’s 600MHz ‘Extended Range’ 5G network covers 315 million people across 1.8 million square miles, while 225 million people are covered with 2.5GHz ‘Ultra Capacity’ 5G. Going forward, T-Mobile expects to cover 260 million people in 2022 and 300 million by end-2023.

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