Telekom agrees to extend provision of call-by-call and pre-selection services

14 Jun 2022

Deutsche Telekom (DT), which provides fixed and mobile services in its domestic market under the brand name Telekom Deutschland, has agreed with the German Association of Telecommunications and Value Added Service Providers (VATM) to continue to offer call-by-call and carrier pre-selection services until the end of 2024. In December 2019 the Federal Network Agency (FNA) revoked the obligation to offer call-by-call and pre-selection services, after determining that regulatory requirements were no longer necessary in that market. At that date, Telekom said it would continue to offer the call services for existing contracts until the end of 2022, even without this obligation to do so, and the operator has now agreed to extend this for a further two years.

‘We are happy to extend our agreement with the VATM. As long as call-by-call and pre-selection are in demand on the market and these can be implemented economically for us, we will be happy to continue to offer the existing variety of offers,’ stated Pascal Koppetsch of Telekom.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland