Kyivstar deploying 2300MHz TD-LTE for extra network capacity in areas of mass migration

13 Jun 2022

Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar is utilising additional frequencies in the 2300MHz TDD range to increase 4G LTE network capacity in cities with the highest concentration of data traffic demand. The LTE-2300 TDD spectrum was granted to Kyivstar by the National Commission for Electronic Communications (NCEC) for the duration of nationwide martial law, however long that may last. As reported by Interfax Ukraine, Kyivstar plans to increase mobile network capacity in border areas and in cities in the west of the country where a large number of residents from other regions have migrated due to war. According to the operator’s own data, since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war in late February, more than four million of its subscribers moved to western Ukraine.

Kyivstar’s president Oleksandr Komarov disclosed: ‘Currently, we have turned on the first two out of three LTE-2300 TDD base stations in Ternopil. But we want to develop the new technology throughout Ukraine and plan to install 100 such base stations by the end of this year.’ According to Kyivstar, the peak theoretical mobile data rate using 40MHz TDD bandwidth for LTE-2300 can reach 600Mbps under ideal conditions.