DNA 5G network available to 68% of Finns; Elisa 5G coverage reaches 80%

10 Jun 2022

Finnish mobile operator DNA has extended 5G coverage to Evijarvi, Humppila, Karstula, Muurame and Pornainen, meaning connectivity is now available in a total of 155 municipalities. In terms of population coverage, 3.8 million people – or 68% of the population – are able to access the cellco’s 5G network. The 5G network utilises 700MHz and 3.5GHz frequencies. Jarkko Laari, DNA’s Director of Radio Networks, commented: ‘Often, a 5G connection offers an excellent alternative to residential fixed broadband, which increases regional competition and Finns’ choice in online affairs.’

Elsewhere, rival operator Elisa has confirmed that its own 5G network is now available in a total of 182 locations across Finland, meaning 80% of the population can now receive its 5G signal. The cellco notes that its most recent rollout activity has focused on seasonal tourist resorts.

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