Regulator rejects price hike claims

6 Jun 2022

Congolese telecoms watchdog the Regulatory Authority of Post and Telecommunications (Autorite de Regulation des Postes et Telecom, ARPTC) has published a statement refuting claims from the Federation of Companies of Congo (La Federation des entreprises du Congo, FEC) that the nation’s telcos are preparing to increase tariffs due to the introduction of new taxes on service providers. Agence Ecofin cites the FEC as saying that telcos would increase prices for the services on which the taxes are to be levied and would withdraw certain offers. In its rebuttal the ARPTC explained that operators are required to seek permission from the regulator to review tariffs and that it had not granted permission for any of the nation’s providers to increase prices. Further, the ARPTC warned that any provider that illegally raised tariffs or spread misinformation on the matter would be ‘severely sanctioned’ by the regulator.