AEK planning to award 5G spectrum to all applicants

6 Jun 2022

Three companies – Neotel, A1 Makedonia and Makedonski Telekom (Telekom) – have submitted letters of interest (LoI) to the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK) in regards to the forthcoming auction for 5G spectrum. The agency published the results from a public hearing and position paper regarding its intention to conduct the tender, saying that as the EoI are less/equal to the number of blocks on offer, it will proceed with issuing spectrum concessions based on the requests. The authorisations will be valid for 15 years (extendable for another five years afterwards).

Neotel requested blocks В41, В44, В45 and В46 suitable for fixed services in regions 1 (Skopije, Ilinden, Petrovets, Zelenikovo, Studenichani, Sopishte, Chucher Sandevo and Arachinovo), 4 (Bitola, Prilep, Demir Hisar, Krushevo, Dolneni, Krivogashtani, Mogila, Novaci and Resen), 5 (Ohrid, Struga, Debarca, Vevchani, Kichevo, M. Brod, Drugovo, Zajac, Oslomej, Vraneshtica, Plasnica, Debar and Centar Jupa) and 6 (Tetovo, Gostivar, Tearce, Jegunovce, Jelino, Brvenica, Bogovinje, Mavrovo and Rostushe); А1 Macedonia: А3 (723MHz-733MHz/778MHz-788MHz) and В2 (3.6GHz-3.7GHz); and Telekom: А2 (713MHz-723MHz/768MHz-778MHz) and В3 (3.7GHz-3.8GHz).

The AEK launched the tender for the allocation of 5G-suitable spectrum at the end of November 2021, though the auction was subsequently cancelled at the request of the Commission for Protection of Competition. A new award process was initiated in April 2022.