Decision on 700MHz spectrum licences for Aland Islands deferred again

1 Jun 2022

A deadline for the granting of 700MHz spectrum licences for the Aland Islands has been further extended, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Liikenne-ja viestintaministerio, MoTC) has announced.

Previously, in December 2021 the ministry issued an invitation to apply for the concessions, setting an initial deadline of 3 March 2022. However, in February this year the MoTC announced an extension to the application deadline – to 31 May 2022. Now, a further extension to 3 November 2022 has been confirmed, and in announcing the delay the ministry noted that under the Act on the Autonomy of Aland, a state authority may grant a licence for public telecommunications operations for the islands only with the consent of the islands’ local government. As such, the MoTC has said: ‘It is justified to extend the time limit so that the Government of Aland can process the matter to a sufficient extent.’

With there being three concessions on offer, the MoTC notes that applications have already been submitted by a trio of operators, namely: Elisa, Telia Finland and Aland Telecommunications. According to the ministry, the technology neutral licences are being issued ‘to promote the construction of 5G networks in Aland and to improve the availability of high speed wireless broadband connections’.