Vodafone 5G network reaches 50m Germans

31 May 2022

Vodafone Germany has announced that coverage of its 5G network now reaches more than 50 million people, while its so-called ‘5G+’ (5G Standalone) service is available to over ten million Germans. The firm says it offers over 60 5G smartphones, including 25 with 5G+ support. Vodafone is aiming to increase 5G/5G+ network coverage to more than 60 million Germans by 2023.

Vodafone is using the 1800MHz band to provide 5G in densely populated cities, residential areas and suburbs with speeds of more than 500Mbps, while the 700MHz range is being deployed in rural areas to offer data rates of up to 200Mbps and the 3500MHz band is being rolled out in high traffic areas such as stadiums and train stations, where it is able to support speeds of 1Gbps. Furthermore, in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig Vodafone has also activated its first 5G antenna in the 26GHz band.

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