Ofcom proposes aligning licence terms in the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz band

25 May 2022

Ofcom has proposed aligning the 3.4GHz and 3.6GHz concessions held by UK Broadband with the terms of other licences in the same band. In a press release regarding the matter, Britain’s telecoms regulator noted that UK Broadband’s spectrum licences in the 3.4GHz-3.6GHz and 3.6GHz-3.8GHz bands (collectively the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz band) are subject to different terms than other concessions in the same bands. Specifically, the regulator has said it plans to: align the terms of UK Broadband’s 3.4GHz licence with the terms of auctioned licences in the 3.4GHz-3.6GHz band; and align the terms of UK Broadband’s 3.6GHz licence with the terms of auctioned licences in the 3.6GHz-3.8GHz band. A 3.9GHz spectrum concession held by UK Broadband will not be affected by the proposals, it added.

According to Ofcom, it considers that removing the disparity between terms in the aforementioned bands ‘could potentially reduce barriers, such as transaction costs and complexity, to efficient trades’. Ofcom has suggested, meanwhile, that the proposed licence amendments are consistent with its duty to ‘secure optimal use for wireless telegraphy of the electro-magnetic spectrum’.

A consultation regarding the matter has now been launched, with a deadline of 5 July 2022 for feedback, following which Ofcom expects to publish a statement in ‘summer 2022’.