Three UK claims to have surpassed rivals in terms of 5G coverage

24 May 2022

Mobile network operator (MNO) Three UK has announced that its 5G network now covers more than 54% of the population, a development it claims means it has ‘the UK’s biggest and fastest 5G network’. In a press release, the MNO noted that it is now offering 5G connectivity in more than 400 locations across the UK, via more than 3,000 sites. According to the cellco, its network improvements support major growth in customer data consumption, which it said now stands at almost 20GB per month, up 15% year on year. Further, it said that usage on its 5G home broadband network has also reached a substantial 354GB per month.

Meanwhile, Three UK was keen to stress that it continues investing in 4G, noting that it is upgrading its LTE network with ‘thousands of sites’, and saying that ‘millions’ of customers are already benefiting from downlink speeds that are up to 150% faster as a result.

Commenting, the firm’s chief technology officer, David Hennessy, said: ‘We are relentlessly focused on delivering the UK’s biggest and fastest 5G network for the UK. Millions of mobile, business and home broadband customers across more than half the UK’s population are able to access our superfast speeds enabling them to live their digital lives to the fullest.’

United Kingdom, Hutchison 3G UK (Three UK)