PuntoNet pledges to invest USD50m by 2024

20 May 2022

Ecuadorian ISP PuntoNet has pledged to invest more than USD50 million over the next three years to expand its fibre-optic networks and enhance its corporate cloud and cybersecurity offerings, as part of a government initiative to increase internet access across the country.

Within the framework of recent regulatory reforms designed to encourage network investment and boost service availability, PuntoNet has signed a contract with the government which commits the ISP to investing USD51 million by 2024. Speaking at the contract signing, PuntoNet general manager Kathrin Mino commented: ‘We support the reduction of the digital divide through the growth of ports on our fibre-optic network by 19.9%, thereby allowing more than 247,000 families to connect to the internet throughout the country. We will reach rural areas where the pandemic has shown us how necessary the internet is for everyone’s quality of life’.

In an interview with Forbes, Mino revealed the ISP plans to launch services in ten cities this year and a further 17 in 2023, including Milagro, Atuntaqui and Chone. PuntoNet’s fibre networks currently cover 20 towns and cities, with the company claiming a subscription base of 121,223 at 31 March 2022.

Ecuador, PuntoNet