Bite Group selects Ericsson as sole network supplier in Latvia, Lithuania

18 May 2022

Swedish equipment vendor Ericsson has announced the signing of a frame agreement with Bite Group for the introduction of 5G technology in Lithuania and Latvia. The agreement will provide 5G network coverage in the most populated cities and districts with plans of expanding customer services within media entertainment and gaming, cloud, data centres and IoT. Spanning from 2022 to 2028, Ericsson will be sole provider of the nationwide RAN and will continue to provide core technology for modernisation and expansion to Bite in both countries. This will enable the Bite Group, which is controlled by Providence Equity Partners, to provide ‘superior 5G network experiences’ to its current customers, while developing new offerings to reach a wider target group.

‘Together with Bite Group, we bring high speed, resilient 5G connectivity to people and businesses in Latvia and Lithuania. The uptake of 5G here will most likely, as we have seen in other countries, be faster than any previous generation of mobile technology,’ stated Jenny Lindqvist, Ericsson’s Head of Northern and Central Europe, adding: ‘5G opens a new world of innovative possibilities that will integrate seamlessly into industries and enable completely transformed services and new experiences to consumers.’

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