CT launches 1Gbps speed boost option

16 May 2022

Montenegrin operator Crnogorski Telekom (CT) has announced the launch of a new optional extra that boosts fibre-optic connection speeds to 1Gbps. Bundled free of charge with new or extended ‘Magenta 1 XL’ quad-play packages, the ‘Optika 1Gbps’ option is available with other fibre-optic subscriptions for an extra EUR8.95 (USD9.31) a month. In addition to benefitting from maximum down/upload speeds of 1Gbps/250Mbps, customers also receive a free Wi-Fi 6 router to ensure multiple devices enjoy a fast and reliable connection.

Commenting on the launch, Gordana Spahic, Head of Product Development and Brand Management at CT, highlighted the company is continually working to increase fixed broadband speeds. ‘In order to provide our fibre customers with a superior surfing and streaming experience at home, we recently increased internet speeds up to 500Mbps for all fibre-optic users on existing packages – regardless of which package they use and without additional obligations. In this way, we want to reward the loyalty of our customers, and I will remind you that this is a permanent increase in speed,’ she said.

Montenegro, Crnogorski Telekom