NTT Corp sees full year profits climb 28.9% to JPY1.18 trillion

12 May 2022

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Corp), Japan’s largest telecoms group by subscriptions and revenue, reported net profit attributable to shareholders of JPY1.181 trillion (USD9.17 billion) for the twelve months ended 31 March 2022 (FY2021/22), up 28.9% from JPY916.181 billion in FY2020/21, as operating revenues improved by 1.8% year-on-year to JPY12.156 trillion, operating profit rose by 5.8% to JPY1.769 trillion from JPY1.671 trillion, pre-tax profits grew by 8.7% to JPY1.796 trillion from JPY1.653 trillion and EBITDA rose to JPY3.247 trillion from JPY3.112 trillion in FY2020/21. The consolidated financial forecast for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2023 is as follows: operating revenues of JPY12.600 trillion, operating profit of JPY1.820 trillion, profit before taxes of JPY1.822 trillion, and profit attributable to NTT of JPY1.190 trillion.

The group’s financial report also noted: ‘Effective from the fiscal year ended 31 March 2022, NTT Group has transitioned to a following four-segment structure, from its previous five-segment structure consisting of the Mobile Communications Business, Regional Communications Business, Long Distance and International Communications Business, Data Communications Business, and Other Business. The new structure is as follows:

1. Integrated ICT Business segment – covering mobile phone services, domestic inter-prefectural communications services, international communications services, solutions services, and system development services and related services. Consolidated subsidiaries, NTT DOCOMO, NTT Communications, NTT Comware, etc.

2. Regional Communications Business segment – domestic intra-prefectural communications services and related ancillary services. Consolidated subsidiaries, NTT East, NTT West, etc.

3. Global Solutions Business segment – comprising system integration services, network system services, cloud services, global data centre services, and related services. Consolidated subsidiaries, NTT Ltd., NTT DATA CORPORATION, etc.

4. Others (Real Estate, Energy and Others) – covering NTT’s real estate business, energy business and others. Consolidated subsidiaries, NTT Urban Solutions, NTT Anode Energy, etc.

NTT Corp closed out March 2022 with a total of 23.266 million fibre broadband subscriptions, up from 22.564 million y-o-y, and 286,000 ADSL connections, compared to 381,000 at 31 March 2021; it also had 14.727 million telephone accesses and 18.782 million IP telephony subscriptions (Hikari Denwa) for regional fixed line units NTT East and NTT West. Meanwhile, NTT’s mobile arm NTT DOCOMO reported 84.752 million subscriptions, up from 82.632 million y-o-y, including 61.396 million 4G (Xi) and 11.530 million 5G subscriptions – up significantly from 3.091 million twelve months earlier.