Brasil TecPar swoops for Titania Telecom

11 May 2022

Brazilian ISP Brasil TecPar has announced the acquisition of Titania Telecom, which it says is the largest provider in Mato Grosso. The acquired company serves around 50,000 residential and corporate subscriptions in Cuiaba, Varzea Grande, Chapada dos Guimaraes, Tangara da Serra and Barra dos Bugres.

Once the two companies are integrated, the deal will boost Brasil TecPar’s total subscription base to around 350,000, the press release notes. The company previously acquired 14 smaller ISPs in 2021, before agreeing a deal for Ponto Com in January this year.

Brasil TecPar CEO Gustavo Stock noted that further acquisitions are expected to take place this quarter, commenting: ‘This is the path that was planned, and we are building step by step towards our great objective, which is to serve more than one million [subscriptions] by the end of 2023.’

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