NCC reassures consumers amid reports of mobile tariff hikes

9 May 2022

Following numerous reports in the media that Nigerian mobile operators plan to hike tariffs by up to 40%, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued a statement informing consumers that no tariff increase will be implemented by operators without due regulatory approval. In recent weeks it has been reported that mobile operators have been pushing to increase tariffs amid the high cost of running their operations, including the rising price of energy and fuel.

In its statement, the NCC said: ‘Consistent with international best practice and established regulatory procedures, the NCC ensures its regulatory activities are guided by regular cost-based and empirical studies to determine appropriate cost (upper and floor price) within which service providers are allowed to charge their subscribers for services delivered. The Commission ensures that any cost determined, as an outcome of such transparent studies is fair enough as to enhance healthy competition among operators, provide wider choices for the subscribers as well as ensure sustainability of the Nigerian telecoms industry.’ It added that while there could be justifiable reasons for mobile operators to demand a tariff increase, they are not allowed to do so either individually or collectively without recourse to the NCC, following the outcome of a cost study.