Yettel Hungary launches 5G home internet service

5 May 2022

Mobile operator Yettel Hungary has launched ‘OtthonNet Pro’, a fixed internet service for residential customers based on 5G cellular network technology, claiming a first in the country. With packages offering unlimited monthly data usage, Yettel says OtthonNet Pro supports download speeds of ‘up to 1Gbps’ in areas of 5G network coverage using a ZTE MC7010 outdoor modem with a 2.5 GbE LAN interface connected to the modem’s internal power supply with a CAT6 UTP cable. Under a launch promotion Yettel customers can try OtthonNet Pro with a zero monthly fee for six months. CEO Peter Gazik said: ‘We believe we are offering a competitive alternative with our new service and that 5G is a replacement for traditional wired technologies.’

Yettel Hungary (formerly Telenor Hungary) entered the home broadband market in September last year with the OtthonNet solution, initially over its 4G cellular network. The 4G-based fixed modem service, promising peak speeds ‘up to 150Mbps’ with unlimited data traffic, was available to ‘more than one million households’ from launch and according to Yettel’s latest release, is now available ‘nationwide’. OtthonNet and OtthonNet Pro can be used only in the postcode specified in the subscriber contract.

Hungary, Yettel Hungary (formerly Telenor) (incl. CETIN)