DISH selects Samsung for 5G Open RAN rollout

4 May 2022

DISH Network has selected Samsung Electronics for the deployment of 5G Open RAN solutions across its planned 5G network. As per the multi-year agreement, the companies will collaborate to deploy Samsung’s 5G O-RAN-compliant virtualised RAN (vRAN) solutions and radio units in markets across the US. The Samsung radios will support all of DISH’s FDD and TDD spectrum holdings, including frequencies in the 600MHz, 700MHz, AWS, 2000MHz, 3.5GHz and 3.7GHz bands.

DISH is currently testing its 5G network using the Samsung Galaxy S22 and plans to continue using Samsung phones as a reference platform throughout the network deployment process. The Samsung press release refers to ‘DISH Wireless’ SMART 5G network’, with ‘SMART 5G’ trademarked, hinting at a possible mobile brand that could come into play for the newcomer.

According to US press reports the contract is valued at around USD1 billion.