Safaricom ET and Ethio Telecom reach in-principle deal on interconnection, infrastructure sharing

22 Apr 2022

Safaricom Telecommunicaitons Ethiopia (Safaricom ET) is reported to have reached an agreement in principle with local telecoms incumbent Ethio Telecom related to interconnection and the sharing of cell sites and tower assets. According to Business Insider Africa, a final agreement remains pending though, with Safaricom ET’s Public Relations Manager Tewedaj Eshetu cited as confirming earlier this week that ‘we are yet to sign a final agreement’.

Meanwhile, with Safaricom ET having been expected to launch a commercial service this month, it would appear that as work towards concluding the deal with Ethio Telecom continues, this will mean a delay to that timetable. Indeed, to that end Michael Joseph, Group Chairman of Kenya-based Safaricom was reported to have said that ‘the deal is very important and critical for our commercial viability and launch. Hopefully [we will launch] soon but we don’t have a date yet’.

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