T-Mobile US claims one million fixed wireless subs

21 Apr 2022

T-Mobile US has announced that it has welcomed its one millionth fixed wireless ‘5G Home Internet’ subscription, just one year after launching the service commercially. A total of 40 million households are now eligible for 5G Home Internet access, T-Mobile notes. The company says it expects to sign up between seven and eight million fixed wireless subscriptions by 2025.

Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile US, commented: ‘T-Mobile’s remarkable growth in broadband – a market that’s full of big behemoth corporations – just underscores how hungry customers are for a real alternative to the carriers and the landline ISPs. We launched into broadband last year with a radically new value [proposition] that’s completely disrupted this category, and now, with a household footprint that’s millions larger than the nearest fixed wireless competitor.’

United States, T-Mobile US