ACM consults on KPN, Glaspoort wholesale fibre rate reductions

19 Apr 2022

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has published a draft decision for public consultation in response to recent proposals from nationwide telco KPN and the latter’s joint venture Glaspoort for lower tariffs and better conditions for wholesale access to their fibre-optic networks.

According to ACM, the proposed commitments from KPN and Glaspoort (see link below for details) could have a significant effect on the market for fixed internet access leading to more competition in the market in terms of price and speed, making it more attractive for households to opt for faster internet. According to ACM’s calculation model, the savings for households could amount to EUR200 million (USD216 million) per year in 2026. ACM board member Manon Leijten stated: ‘The proposed rate reductions improve the competitive position of access seekers, allowing them to offer more people faster and cheaper internet. The commitments of KPN and Glaspoort – if declared binding – offer market parties clarity and certainty for the next eight years, while they can take effect quickly.’

ACM has submitted its draft decision for consultation for six weeks, and will take the comments of interested parties into account when adopting a final decision. If ACM declares the commitments binding, they will take effect immediately.

Netherlands, KPN, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)