Ethio Telecom inks deals with five ‘Virtual ISP’ partners

14 Apr 2022

Ethiopia’s incumbent fixed broadband provider Ethio Telecom has announced the signing of contractual agreements with five ‘Virtual Internet Service Provider’ (‘VISP’) partners. In a press release regarding the development the telco confirmed it had inked three-year deals with WebSprix IT Solutions, VIVATECH Trading, Zergaw ISP, Skynet IT Solutions and Dulle Business Group. Under these agreements, the VISPs will reportedly ‘exclusively provide fixed broadband internet service’ by purchasing a fixed bandwidth service from Ethio Telecom and reselling it to end-users.

According to Ethio Telecom these partnership agreements will widen availability of fixed broadband services in the country and help the company achieve a goal of increasing subscriptions to three million by the end of 2026.

Ethiopia, Dulle Business Group, Ethio Telecom, Skynet IT Solutions, VIVATECH Trading, WebSprix IT Solutions, Zergaw ISP