Axian outlines key priorities for newly acquired Tanzanian unit

11 Apr 2022

Pan-African telecoms service provider Axian Telecom has outlined four key priorities for its newly acquired Tanzanian business. Last week a consortium led by Axian Telecom and local businessman Rostam Azizi closed the acquisition of Millicom International Cellular’s operations in Tanzania (Tigo) and Zanzibar (Zantel). The consortium says its growth plan includes significant investment in Tanzania over the next five years to strengthen the network coverage and quality of service of the merged entity. Axian, which now operates in eight markets through its subsidiaries in Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion, Mayotte, Senegal, Togo, Uganda and Tanzania, says its key priorities are to:

• support the digital transformation of the country with the deployment of cutting-edge technologies and services benefiting Tanzanian consumers and businesses alike. The consortium has access to major backbones and submarine cables in the region that will bring about faster connections between Tanzanians and elsewhere

• extend access to affordable mobile services and drive digital inclusion through significant investment in telecom infrastructure. The consortium plans to provide Tanzanian customers with improved network coverage and quality, notably via 4G networks

• accelerate financial inclusion, capitalising on the success of the merged entity’s mobile financial services to further develop bespoke services that meet Tanzanian customers’ needs. The consortium will also ensure the merged entity benefits from its expertise in delivering world-class mobile financial services in other countries

• develop and nurture talent. The consortium intends to foster employees’ career development and establish a strong focus on mobility, agility, training and shared knowledge for the employees of the merged entity.

Tanzania, Axian Group, Millicom Tanzania (Tigo), Zanzibar Telecommunication (Zantel)