Lynk Global announces successful launch of ‘cell-tower-in-space’

7 Apr 2022

Lynk Global has announced the successful launch, deployment, and initial on-orbit check-out of Lynk Tower 1. The spacecraft is the company’s sixth ‘cell-tower-in-space’ satellite and is now in position to become the world’s first commercial cell-tower-in-space. Lynk Tower 1 is the first satellite covered by Lynk’s application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a global commercial licence to operate a satellite direct-to-standard-phone service.

The technology used by Lynk Tower 1 is an upgrade of Lynk’s fifth satellite, which connected to thousands of unique devices in late 2021, including smartphones, feature phones, and myriad cellular IoT devices such as cars, trucks, iPads, and John Deere tractors.

Tyghe Speidel, CTO and co-founder of Lynk, commented: ‘Most companies take years to design and test new spacecraft concepts. Lynk’s spacecraft development process leverages a rapid-do-learn-loop strategy where we quickly iterate and fly new spacecraft technologies several times a year. We learned a ton from our fifth satellite in late 2021. Those lessons have already been implemented in our sixth satellite. Many told us this was impossible. It’s not. This technology is now very real, with three more satellites launching in the next six months as we roll out initial commercial services.’

Lynk has signed nine contracts with MNOs to date and plans to begin global commercial service in 2022 with a dozen flagship operators.

United States, Lynk Global