TIM Brasil activates SA 5G in Curitiba

6 Apr 2022

TIM Brasil has activated 5G Standalone (SA) technology in the state of Parana, with the cellco’s 2300MHz antennas going live in Parque Barigui and Palacio Iguacu in the city of Curitiba on 5 April. The launch was announced by Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior, who took part in a ceremony at the State Government headquarters alongside Rafael Greca, the Mayor of Curitiba, and TIM Brasil chief executive Alberto Griselli.

CEO Griselli told the Parana State News Agency: ‘TIM has invested heavily in preparing for the arrival of 5G, a technology that will accelerate the process of digital transformation in cities, stimulate business generation and give Brazilians more opportunities. The choice of Curitiba as the first city in the South to receive TIM’s 5G Standalone antennas reaffirms our historic and increasingly consolidated connection with the city and the State.’

TIM Brasil is said to be the largest cellco in Parana, with a market share of 52.1%. It currently offers 4G technology in all 399 cities in Parana, with LTE-A connectivity available in 235 municipalities.

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