Nokia sues Romania govt after denied clearance to sell 5G equipment

31 Mar 2022

Finnish equipment vendor Nokia has mounted a legal action against the Romanian government after failing to obtain authorisation from the Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT) to provide 5G network hardware in the country, reports

The legal challenge lodged by Nokia Solutions & Networks and Nokia Networks opened in the Bucharest Court of Appeal on 25 March and seeks to annul government decision No. 167/2022 of 24 February forbidding the use of the vendor’s equipment in the country’s 5G networks. The CSAT and Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation have offered no explanation for the decision to exclude Nokia.

Under Romania’s ‘5G security’ legislation signed last year, mobile operators must remove core network technology provided by unauthorised suppliers within five years of entry into force of the law, while a seven-year limit applies for the withdrawal of other equipment and software. The authorisation is granted by decision of the Prime Minister, based on the approval of the CSAT, within four months from the date of the request.